Thursday, September 9, 2010

When I'm With You

Loving these Hermes J'aime mon carre short films.

The first one features our latest musical obsession: Best Coast. Her songs are so simple yet so heartfelt and relatable. Brings back beach nostalgia; sand between the toes and holding hands with your cute boyfriend.

Though this video doesn't exactly represent the beachy California feel that Bethany (Best Coast's front lady) was going for, the visuals give it a completely different type of edge -- Tokyo style. This song was on repeat for a long while, still can't get over the feelings it provokes.

Seriously. Listen to it.

This video, based in Paris, is the prettiest damn thing. This girl is gorgeous and seeing the two of them prance around the city of light to this French tune inspires serious traveling buggage. Parisian love, where you at??

LOVE, us.

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