The Creators of Bleach


Best friends trying to hold on to the best of past generations while making the most of the generation they met in.
Nothing guiding them but their passions and the music that inspires them. 

What is Bleach?
We  delight in the simple pleasure of driving around to a mix tape, singing at the top of our lungs with hair blowing all around. We want to share this pleasure, among the happiness we relish when we find beauty inside a thrift store. Let us inspire you with fashion, art, and music that is BLEACH-worthy. 

The love for going to different thrift stores and finding unique pieces is what drives this little project. We are inspired by the novel clothing we discover, and want to inspire others with our vintage finds. 

The Photographer
A 21 year old enthusiast who enjoys taking the mundane and turning it into art. She spends a lot of time driving between cities, constantly finding beauty among the highways that line her life.

INSPIRATIONS: music, fashion, Emily Haines, thrift stores, vintage, photography, painting, sketches, films 


The Writer

A 20 year old nostalgic creature who lives life to an ever-changing soundtrack. She loves thrifting and watching while looking into the future.

              INSPIRATIONS: music, 90s cult film, tall meadows, walking, concrete, old photos, and air.

Hope you Enjoy Our Journey