Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga,
 You are an inspiration to all that feel different in this world. At first to me, you were just another pop star trying to make a name in this selfish music industry. Creating this larger than life character that no one could really understand. Another Britney Spears, with nothing to stand up for or to believe in. To my surprise you turned out to be more than what is on the outside. But really that's your message, isn't it? There is always something different in the inside that people do not bother to look at. The external is always judged upon and never examined. I myself was a victim of this way of thinking, I judged you for being something I could not understand. Just another pop star with a catchy song. But now, I see who you really are, you are someone that is not afraid to say or do what you feel like, even if it makes people uncomfortable. You are a hard working professional devoted to your music and your talent. Some may even say you are the next Madonna... who knows, maybe you are. You are someone with so many layers, much like these pictures that show different sides of you. I personally have to say that my favorite music video is "Bad Romance" simply because the visual story telling is incredible. But I had no idea the lyrics had so much meaning behind them. Like, "I want your psycho,Your vertical stick,Want you in my room, When your baby is sick, I want your love" You are actually naming Alfred Hitchcock movies. His main genre of movies are thrillers, twisted thrillers really. So you are saying I want the deepest darkest part of you because that is how much I love you. People might never really know! Your weirdness is inspiring <3


  1. fabulous testimony to gaga .

    betsie .

  2. Love and ADORE GAGA! Great post! I found your page of IFB come by my space and tell me what you think. I'm now following if you like my space please do the same :)

    Vogue & Vintage


  3. She really is an inspiration!
    I did a post about when she did the photoshoot for Hello Kitty's 50th anniversary <3
    I love your guys' bohemian style btw!